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Muruks continue winning streak

Updated: May 17

Photo credit: Pilai Piksa

The PRK Mendi Muruks have continued their unbeaten run in the 2024 Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup after defeating the Gas Resources Central Dabaris with a 26-18 victory on Sunday, May 12th, extending their winning streak to five on the trot and maintaining the number 1 spot in the 12-team competition.


Just five rounds into the competition, the Muruks have put on a compelling case in the 2024 campaign, registering five consecutive wins and are sitting first on the ladder. They are the only team who remained undefeated this season after five rounds.


It was not the first time for the Muruks to top the table, as they have been sitting first on the ladder over the last four seasons in the opening rounds. It’s a deja vu for the Andrew Andiki-coached team.


The interesting thing is that three of Muruks’ victories in the opening rounds came off against the top teams like the Lae Snax Tigers, Kroton Hela Wigmen and Asila Waghi Tumbe.


If the Southern Highlands franchise could up their tempo and match the might of other serious contenders such as the ENB Agmark Gurias, Enga Mioks and the resurgent Mt Hagen Eagles, they would be a force to be reckoned with.


It has been a long time coming for the PRK-sponsored outfit, who have yet to taste their fifth premiership after almost two decades. They’ve reached the finals a few times but fell short of clinching the prized-silverware.


The Muruks’ last championship glory was in 2008, where they won three consecutive premierships in a row (2006, 2007 & 2008) and set the benchmark in PNG’s rugby league history, especially at the semi-professional level. No team has matched that exemplary feat yet. Their record is unrivalled to this day.


In the last four seasons, the Muruks made it to the finals but failed to stake their claim for the title. However, this season looks promising for the black and white army. The way things are unfolding, it seems like a year of redemption is looming for the Muruks.


The Southern Highlands lads still have a long season ahead to prove their premiership credentials. For now, they need to play consistent footy, discipline themselves and stick to the game plan, should they wish to break their premiership drought this season.

Meanwhile, the unbeatable PRK Mendi Muruks will face the Enga Mioks in Lae on Sunday, May 19th.

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