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Mioks made history, ending 23-year premiership drought

The Enga Provincial Government Mioks have put on a compelling case in the 2023 Digicel ExxonMobil Cup, defeating the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis to claim the coveted title.

Mioks have had an incredible campaign, registering 15 straight wins on the trot, which was a historic achievement for the club, as well as a new record in the semi-professional competition.

They have not tasted a single defeat this season, except a draw against the Moni Plus Port Moresby Vipers in round 16. No one expected Mioks to win 15 consecutive games, let alone sit on top of the ladder the whole season. They were the surprise package.

Mioks have had inconsistent seasons a couple of years ago, but they have suddenly rejuvenated and found their form this season. Their consistency, team chemistry, and professionalism have been top-notch this year. They were the real entertainers of the Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup in 2023.

With the signing of a new coach in Billy Gau and the addition of a few players, the Engan lads have been a force to be reckoned with this season. They were in a high-flying mode, which was a threat to the competition. Given their strings of consecutive wins, they became the premiership juggernauts. They lived up to their name and swept the competition.

Mioks have won 15 straight games and were sitting comfortably on top of the ladder from round 1 to the finals. They were the only team to have an undefeated run this season. They have been unstoppable and out of every team’s league this year.

The high-flying green and gold outfit came on a mission and stamped their authority, winning their second Premiership after 23 years. With all odds stacked against them, the Billy Gau-coached side weathered the storm and sailed courageously to the finish line.

Mioks won their first Premiership during the Intercity Cup in 2000. Since then, they have had a 23-

year premiership drought. The voodoo has finally been broken by the 17 strong players alongside

their super coach.

The Enga Government-sponsored franchise won the Digicel Cup Minor Premiership Trophy in 2018 but failed to complete its mission and win the premiership. They lost to the Goroka Lahanis in the decider. After that short success, the club took a downward turn because of schisms and politics within the team.

Alas, five years later, Mioks came with all guns blazing and took the competition by storm. Coincidentally, the Mioks met their 2018 opponent (Lahanis) and beat them to seek redemption. Their 2018 debt against the ‘Mud Men’ from the East has been settled. They are now equals.

The Enga Mioks were in 5th gear from the get-go to the big dance. Having an undefeated run to make a whitewash in the competition is an incredible feat. It was a fairytale ending for the green and gold army. Like a phoenix, they rose from the ashes and claimed the throne, etching an indelible mark into the archives of PNG Rugby League folklore.

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