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Lions Boxing Club to debut

The Lions Boxing Club is about to make its mark in the PNG boxing history of Oceania Fight Promotions (OFP). The club will make its debut with three of its top fighters set to compete in the local undercard bouts of the upcoming OFP on Saturday 14th October 2023, at Hideaway Hotel, Port Moresby.

This professional showdown will feature two international bouts between PNG and the Philippines and 11 local undercard bouts.

The fighters that will roar the name of Lions Club in the lead-up fights or curtain-raisers before the main international bouts are Bernard Benson, Theodora Janget, and Quincy Kavakore.

Bernad Benson will compete in the 72Kg Middleweight, Theodora Janget in the 84Kg Heavyweight, and Quincy Kavakore at 54Kg.

As Janget and Benson are set to make their debut in professional boxing, Kavakore will be going in for her second semi-professional bout. In her first professional fight, Kavakore won by Technical Knockout (TKO) through bodywork and headshots to her opponent, which the referee stopped the fight in the second round. She is now looking forward to her second fight next week.

Meanwhile, the Lions Head Coach Nelson Kosipi said that he was confident of his fighters to deliver in the coming competition.

He also added that the only issue that they were facing was that they did not have sponsors.

“The problem now we are facing is we don’t have a sponsor to help us prepare for next week's professional fight. I am trying very hard just to help my boxers,” said Coach Nelson Kosipi.

For context, Lions Boxing Club is a new Boxing Club formed by one of PNG’s professional boxers Nelson Kosipi who has over a decade of experience in this sport.

Photo Credit: Lions Boxing Club

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