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Lihir RFL pre-season kicks off this month

The Lihir Rugby Football League (LRFL) pre-season kicks off in May, 2024, with 12 clubs to participate in the competition at Londolovit Oval in Lihir.


Two new clubs joining the LRFL this year are Dodges 14 and Landolam Panthers. Dodges 14 are a team from Rocky Island making their debut in rugby league.


The LRFL executives are pleased to welcome them, hoping it will help address social issues on the island. The team, named Dodges 14 after their village ward, Ton Village, is set to showcase their raw talent this year.


The Landolam Panthers, a mixed team of East New Britain and Highlands, are also excited to join the LRFL this year.


The rest of the clubs, including ENZU Northern Chiefs, Kunaye Flames, Kul Tigers, Marahun Eagles, Putput Crushers, Kunaye Saints, Potz Tribes, Ges Eels, Malie Kanais, and Saint Barths, are well-known on the island.


The two-time champions, Enzu Chiefs, are looking forward to this year's season after holding the titles in both A & B grades.


The LRFL will run the pre-season for three weekends, and the season proper will begin the following week.


An AGM meeting will be held after the pre-season to elect a new LRFL president and executives to administer the league.


Currently, the league is run by volunteers willing to help and assist the competition. The Lihir Rugby Football League is looking forward to a successful but challenging season this year.

Photos: Hong Black

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