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Leigh Leopards in talks with PNGRFL to hold a game in PNG

The Super League’s Leigh Leopards franchise is in talks with Papua New Guinea Rugby Football

League (PNGRFL) to stage a game in Papua New Guinea, as early as this year.

Head coach and former PNG Kumul, Adrian Lam has revealed to Love Rugby League that talks have already begun about a possible trip that might happen soon. Leopard’s owner, Derek Beaumont has been the one who initially proposed the prospect of a tour to PNG, which could involve at least one game being played here (PNG).

The Leopards have reached a milestone of being able to play their first Challenge Cup final in over 50 years this weekend. There will be a heavy PNG representation in their group consisting of coach Adrian Lam, half-back Lachlan Lam, alongside superstar, Edwin Ipape.

Furthermore, this trio, including former Leigh and Kumul Nene McDonald, Dion Aiye along

with incoming prospects, Sylvester Namo and Nixion Putt, who have signed with the Castleford Tigers for the 2024 season, the number of PNG representatives has grown, and so as the number of Super League’s fan base in PNG.

Lam states that there is a growing link between the Leigh people and PNG. The following and traction the club has received from the PNG fans is massive.

“I can sense a link growing. I am told a lot of our interactions on social media are driven from PNG

and the surrounding areas too. It’s massive.

“I’ve talked to Derek about it and the fixture is something we as a club would like to explore further. Whether it could potentially happen this year coming or the year after, it’ll certainly happen. It’s just a case of when now, I think.

“We’ve got a few of their key players in our team and rugby league is massive there. The link only

makes sense,” Coach Lam stated.

Meanwhile, Adrian Lam believes Saturday’s Challenge Cup final against Hull KR at Wembley is the

biggest game in the club’s history, and they have a chance to bring the trophy back to the town for

the first time in over half a century.

Picture Courtesy: Leigh Leopards

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