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Labasa stamped their authority in the OFC Champions League Opener

The Labasa FC of Fiji have shown their championship credentials by smashing the Kiwi FC of Samoa with a comprehensive victory of 6-0 to open the inaugural Oceania Football Confederation Women’s Champions League at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium in style.

The Fijiyanas were the first team to score. After few minutes of arm-wrestle, Labasa capitalized on Kiwis’ weak defence and scored their first goal through Sofi Diyalowai, who showed individual

brilliance to find the net in the 10 th minute. In the 24 th minute, Labasa scored again through Stella Naivalulevu to extend their lead. And right at the stroke of half-time, Naivalulevu kicked a powerful strike outside of the 20-meter yard to give her side a handy 3-0.

In the second half, Fiji failed to maintain their momentum. Samoa had their chances, but they did

not manage to find the net. Both sides had equal ball possession and field territory in the second

half. However, Fiji regained the momentum in the 82 nd minute and scored their 4 th goal through

Unaisi Tuberi. The tiring Samoanas cannot defend their line. Fijiyanas took advantage of Kiwis’

fatigue and scored their 5 th goal through Adi Vulidikoro in the 90 th minute. Tuberi scored her second goal in the 92 nd minute through a penalty kick and sealed off the deal for Labasa with a 6-0 commanding victory over the Kiwis.

Both teams will rest tomorrow and resume their second games against different opponents on

Saturday. Labasa will go head-to-head against Koloale on Saturday, while Kiwi will face the host

nation, Hekari United FC.

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