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Isou beat Dabaris in a trial match

Updated: Apr 27

The PRK Gulf Isou edged the Gas Resources Central Dabaris with a 16-10 victory in their first trial match on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 at Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby.

The match started strongly in the opening minutes. Isou scored the first try after a few minutes into the contest. The conversion was successful, taking a 6-0 lead over Dabaris. A couple of minutes later, Dabaris responded with a try but failed to convert the goal, trailing behind Isou at 4-6 points. Isou scored again and slotted the conversion successfully, leaving the half time score at 12-4.

In the second spell, both sides increased the pace of the game. Dabaris scored first right under the uprights. The conversion was nailed effortlessly, reducing the margin to 10-12. Isou were scoreless in the second. However, the PRK sponsored-franchise capitalized on Dabaris’ ill-discipline and converted two penalty goals, securing a hard-fought 16-10 win.

The Gulf Isou had more young guns than the Central Dabaris, who boasted plenty of experienced players. The young Isou side rose to the occasion and gave the experienced Dabaris outfit a run for their money.

Gulf Isou coach, Roger Laka, was pleased with his team’s performance. He said what they had practiced in the last seven weeks was executed well.

“Today’s trial was basically a summary of what we’ve gone through in the past seven weeks of our pre-season training,” coach Laka said.

“I think we ticked a lot of boxes in the areas that we’ve worked on, especially our defence was solid so I’m really impressed.

“It’s a good outcome seeing these young boys applying and implementing what we wanted, instead of playing their own style of football.”

Meanwhile, in the junior division contest, the Central Dabaris defeated the Gulf Isou with a 20-10 victory in a highly entertaining curtain-raiser match.

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