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Ipape and Lam make the Super League Dream Team

Papua New Guinea International and Super League stars, Edwin Ipape and Lachlan Lam were named in the 2023 Super League Dream Team, snatching the Hooker of the Year and Halfback of the Year respectively, after leading the Leigh Leopards to lift the Challenge Cup at Wembley in August this year.

The Leopards had a strong season in the Super League, placing them 5th in the top-five teams as they embark on their first-ever Super League play-off campaign.

The Super League Dream Team is an annually-selected Rugby League All-Star Team consisting of the players deemed to have been the best in their respective positions in the Super League competition. The team is selected by a panel of journalists and broadcasters at the end of each season.

Halfback star Lachlan Lam was named to the Dream Team after having a stellar season, bagging 9 tries and assisting 21 tries this year.

Edwin Ipape received his Dream Team jersey from Ellery Hanley, who was the former Great Britain captain and legend in the Super League, and of course a Panel Chairman. Ipape stated in a post that it was an honor to receive the jersey from the legendary Hanley.

“What an honor to receive this Jersey from the great Ellery Hanley, a Great Britain Legend. I have

heard of him while growing up, so it’s an absolute honor,” Ipape said.

According to BBC Sports, Panel Chairman Ellery Hanley stated that they gave recognition to the 13-men dream because of the hard work and display of sportsmanship they have shown throughout the season.

"Every year, the Dream Team asks as many questions as it answers. We could have picked a second Dream Team to rival this one.

"Ultimately, every one of these 13 players deserves recognition. These are the players who have

entertained us, eating up the meters, providing the assists, defending like Trojans, and scoring some unbelievable tries.

"The Dream Team announcement gets people talking about the players - and that's how it should be. Who's in, who's not? The arguments will continue until the early hours, but supporters talking about how good players are can only be a good thing, even if we can't all agree on the final 13 men,” Chairman Hanley stated.

Photo Credit: Supplied

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