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Inaugural KBSA Cup gearing for finals this weekend!

The KBSA Cup is about to conclude with the winners announced after the grand final. In the coming weekend, participating teams will fight for a spot in the inaugural KBSA Cup. This will be done at Sasindran Muthuvel Stadium in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

Tournament Coordinator Kinjin Simi expressed his gratitude for the participating teams and said that the teams showed true values of sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

“We are coming closer to the end of our KBSA Cup tournament, and I want to thank all the participating teams. You all have shown true colors of sportsmanship in the last six weekends,” said Tournament Coordinator Kinjin Simi.

"This weekend marks the end of our normal games and the beginning of our finals in the coming week. For those that will not make it through to the finals, don't lose hope. Go back and work hard and return stronger next season. Every game has a winner and a loser,” said Kinjin Simi.

“For teams who will make it through to the finals, all the best and may the best team win,” added Simi.

Simi also stressed on the main motive for hosting this tournament which is to curb the law-and-order issue in the province saying that he believes the tournament has strengthened the community bonds among the Kimbe town communities.

“Remember that our main objective of delivering this tournament is to address Law-and-Order issues. We believe that through sports we will unite everyone from Hela down to Kulungi, Laleki, Gigo, Section 10, Section 15, Section 42, Section 27, Section 21 Hausik Compound, Ruango, Nivani, Morokea PDC (Aling)," Simi said.

“This sport is not about the winner or loser; it's about uniting us and being free from trouble. This weekend is special for all of you and I ask you all supporters to cheer on your team and make it special," he said.

Photo credit: Jethro Avasasi Black Ants Touch Association

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