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Hunters set for first trials

Updated: Apr 29

The SP PNG Hunters have increased the intensity of their training sessions and are looking forward to having their first in-house trial game next week Saturday, February 3rd, as the 2024 Queensland Hostplus Cup draws nearer.


The 38-men squad have been camping at the Santos National Football Stadium for a few weeks now. They have completed block one of their training drills and are now into the second phase.


Hunters coach, Paul Aiton, said that 36 players would be assembled to play an in-house trial next week Saturday, before traveling to Brisbane to take on the Ipswich Jets the following Saturday, February 9th.


“Today (Friday, 26th January), we had a small post-session against each other. Leading into the season, we want to try a different approach. Just have bodies in front and bodies moving. It’s not full contact. That’s where we are at the moment,” said Aiton.


“We will have our full contact game next week Saturday, February 3rd. Our first trial match will be against each other and the following week (February 9th), we will travel to Brisbane to play the Ipswich Jets. The first trial against each other is at home (NFS) and the second trial will be against Ipswich in Brisbane."


The players are excited and looked forward to their upcoming trial matches. Meanwhile, the 38-men squad will be trimmed down to 30-men squad in the next couple of weeks before the 2024 Queensland Cup kicks off in March.

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