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Hunters Need to Step Up

Updated: Apr 27

The SP PNG Hunters must elevate their performance to meet the high expectations set for the players.

The Hunters suffered a significant setback in their recent match, facing a tough 20-39 defeat against the Dolphins in the Host Plus Cup Round 6.

The loss was undoubtedly disappointing for the fans who had gathered at the Santos National Football Stadium on Saturday, April 20, 2024, hoping for a home victory.

Despite a slow start, the Hunters showed glimpses of their potential. Jamie Mavoko's try early in the game set a positive tone, and the team managed to maintain momentum with Whallen Tau-Loi and Joshua Lau adding two more tries, leading at halftime with a 14-12 score.

However, the second half saw a decline in their performance. The team struggled to maintain their earlier momentum and faced challenges in defense, resulting in their opponents scoring multiple consecutive tries.

Head coach Paul Aiton expressed his disappointment in the team's execution of their game plan. He emphasized the need for consistency and adherence to their strategies.

Captain Jamie Mavoko acknowledged the team's errors and emphasized the importance of rectifying these mistakes.

Aiton stressed the need for intense training to address the shortcomings and improve overall performance. He highlighted the importance of consistent defense and the team's ability to maintain their desired level of play throughout the game.

Despite the defeat, Aiton remains confident in the team's capabilities and emphasized the potential for improvement.

The Hunters need to focus on refining their skills and maintaining their game plan throughout the entirety of their matches. Aiton and Mavoko both reiterated the significance of mental preparation and a disciplined approach to their games.

Moving forward, the team's commitment to rigorous training and a collective effort to address their weaknesses will be crucial in their pursuit of success in future matches.

The Hunters have the talent and potential to achieve better results. With dedicated training and a focus on consistency, they can elevate their performance and meet the expectations set for them.

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