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Holbrook eyes Pacific Championship Cup

The PNG LNG Kumuls had their Captain’s Run at Santos National Football Stadium (SNFS) on Saturday, October 14. The Cook Islands Aitu men’s and women’s teams, Fetu Samoa and Fiji Bulikula also had their Captain’s Run on the same date.

The Kumuls, Aitu men, Aitu women and Bulikula have successfully completed their training drills and sessions for the week, and are looking forward to battling each other out on Sunday, October 15.

In the opening game, the Fetu Samoa will meet the Fiji Bulikula at 12:45 p.m., while in the afternoon at 3 p.m., the PNG LNG Kumuls will go head-to-head with the Cook Islands Aitu.

PNG went down to Australia in the Prime Minister’s XIII match last month at SNFS, Port Moresby. The determined make-shift PNG side gave the Australian juggernauts a run for their money in the

highly contested game.

In his first stint as the Kumuls Head Coach, Justin Holbrook lost to the great Mal Meninga with a 10-point deficit ball game (28-18). Everyone expected a one-sided affair from Australia, but Holbrook did well to contain the Aussies’ onslaught.

Now armed with a little experience in international coaching, Holbrook is poised and confident to

redeem himself and steer the Kumuls to championship glory.

“Our aim is to obviously win it. We really want to do well and win it but first, we have to qualify for the finals. We need to start strong this weekend and make our presence felt,” coach Holbrook said.

There is this aura and positivity oozing out of the Kumuls’ camp. The boys have bonded well, working on their team combinations and chemistry, including communication skills and creating friendships and camaraderie.

If the PNG Kumuls play as a team, adhering to the game plan and getting the basics right, they would stand a chance to clinch the coveted Pacific Championship Cup.

The 17-strong men need to shape up or get shipped out. The ball is in their court.

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