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Hohola offseason competition nears finals

Updated: Apr 29

The Hohola offseason competition in the Hohola Suburb of Port Moresby is gearing towards its playoffs. The games are played every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) at Ipi Park, Hohola rugby league oval. 

The competition started in the first week of December in 2023 and will finish at the end of January or early February, 2024. 

There are a total of 52 teams competing in the annual offseason competition and it is divided into two pools: Pool A consists of 26 teams within the Hohola suburb; and Pool B consists of 26 teams from other suburbs in the city. 

As the playoffs draw nearer, the participating teams have increased their intensity and competed aggressively, trying to book a spot in the finals. Top 16 teams (8 for each pool) will be selected in the two pools to qualify for the playoffs. 

Hohola offseason Coordinator, Omega Nari, said he was satisfied with the progress of the competition so far, with less hiccups. 

“We have not faced any issues. Everything is going okay and the games are running smoothly,” Nari said.

“We are expecting to head into the playoffs in three weeks’ time and looked forward to ending the season on a good note,” he said. 

Meanwhile, eight women’s teams will start their games on Saturday, January 13, 2024. The 8 teams will compete for three weeks and go into the playoffs alongside the men’s teams.

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