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Hohola off-season hosts State of Origin match

Updated: Apr 27

The Hohola off-season competition held its first State of Origin games for both men’s and women’s teams on Saturday, February 17, 2024 at Hohola Ipi Park in Port Moresby. It will be a three-game series, which is similar to the Australian State of Origin.

The State of Origin concept was introduced last year. The whole idea of introducing this Origin concept is to expose the raw talents and market the players to the clubs taking part in the Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup.

Through the first trial match in 2023, the Vipers had scouted a few players from the suburban league. The Port Moresby-based franchise is looking forward to selecting some raw talents in the Hohola off-season competition this year.

A total of 36 teams (both men’s & women’s) are participating in the competition. Teams from within the Hohola suburb and other suburbs in the city are partaking in the Origin series. 

The series opener on Saturday, February 17th, saw team Maroons defeat team Blues with an 8-6 win in the men’s division and in the women’s division, team Maroons beat team Blues with an 8-0 scoreline.

The President of Hohola off-season competition, Kambi Ingiman, said the competition has run well and he was pleased with the first Origin game over the weekend.

“I am happy with the competition so far. We have 36 teams participating in the competition and the best players who are 18, 19 and 20-years-old will be selected through the Origin games to play a trial match against the Vipers,” President Ingiman said. 

“The whole idea of hosting this State of Origin is to give exposure to the raw talents and create a pathway for them to the Digicel-ExxonMobil Cup.”

Meanwhile, the second match of the three-game series will be played next week Saturday, March 2nd and the final game will be held on the following Saturday, March 10th.

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