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High Performance PNG encourages sports federations to start training early

In order to improve performances for Team PNG athletes, High Performance Sports PNG Manager Cornelius M. Papau is urging all national federations to prepare their athletes now by organizing events and getting their offices in order so that High Performance PNG can involve them in their training programs.


"We are currently in discussions with the PNG Olympic Committee to begin training for the Mini Pacific Games in Palau. Therefore, we are asking all national federations to collaborate, organize events, and prepare their athletes for the upcoming competition. We aim to start preparations this year to ensure that athletes are well-prepared and at their peak performance before flying to Palau. This preparation will also lead up to the Pacific Games in 2027 in Tahiti," said High Performance Sports PNG Manager Cornelius M. Papau.


"We have a strategic plan in place, and staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities. Once athletes are endorsed by the PNG Olympic Committee, training should commence by then," he added.


"Currently, we have six sports engaged with High Performance, with boxing set to become the seventh in the first quarter. Cricket, netball, athletics, para-sports, and taekwondo are already involved. Taekwondo, in particular, has been fully committed to training. I commend Edward Kassman, the head coach of Team PNG Taekwondo, for his dedication to his athletes. I encourage all national federations to follow this example. High Performance is here to support and assist Team PNG sports. Any federations in need of assistance with planning and training for their athletes are welcome to visit the HP center," said Papau.


Papau made these comments during an interview yesterday at TAC while Team PNG boxers were undergoing testing and screening.

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