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Hela Wigmen thrash Gulf Isou

Kroton Hela Wigmen thrashed PRK Gulf Isou during the second half of the ExxonMobil Digicel Cup double header on Sunday at the National Football Stadium. The game ended with a 22-8 full-time score, marking the Wigmen's ninth straight win.

The first half of the game kicked off slowly and steadily, then halfway through the game then Wigmen’s all-time try scorer and winger Cyril Seiba touched down a try on his left wing and his Skipper put in a goal, setting the score at 6-0. Isou swings back with 7 minutes remaining on the clock as their center Kenny Laho bulldozes the defense off and scores, bringing the score to 4- 6. With seconds on the clock, the Wigmen scored another try, putting the halftime score at 12-4.

Isou scored a try within two minutes of the second half, making the score 12-8 in the second half. Then the Wigmen bite back as Siki Konden scores a try, sending their devoted fans cheering and stomping. Then with ten minutes before full time, Isou lost a ball in their ten-meter zone, opening a gap for the Wigmen as Manu Kame crashed through the distorted defense to score, concluding round twelve with a bang.

Wigmen Coach Seth Rip was satisfied with his team’s victory, and is optimistic about the next game.

“Our first forty wasn't stellar, in terms of our defense and ballwork and we will work on this one during the week. Throughout the game, there was less control over the ball and less control over the game. These are young guys playing and making mistakes is an excellent challenge for them.”

Photo Credit: Towal Photography

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