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Hela Wigmen bounce back

Round eleven of the ExxonMobil Digicel Cup double header in the Nation’s Capital kicked off at The Santos National Football Stadium on Sunday. The game featured Central Dabaris taking on Kronton Hela Wigmen which ended in a draw. This would mark the Wigmen’s eighth victory in a row for the 2023 season.

During the match, the Dabaris had dominated the first half by scoring two tries but had both unsuccessful conversions. In contrast, the Wigmen scored a try and had one successful conversion. The halftime score stood at 8-6 with the Dabaris leading.

In the second half, Dabaris showed a strong defense, but gave two penalties to the Wigmen. Wigmen Captain Solomon Pukari converted both attempts, bringing the score to 10-8. Dabaris later scored a try to make 12-10. During the last five minutes of the game, Dabaris scored again on the left wing, taking the score to 16-10. Just when Dabaris thought they had the win, Wigmen Missach Welen came up with a try in the last 30 seconds of the match. Pukari makes another field goal, bringing the game to an end with a 16-16 scoreline.

The man of the match was awarded to Solomon Pukari for his impressive performance as well as his excellent conversion rate. The captain said the team didn’t start well but ended on a positive note.

"We didn't start well at the beginning of the season, as Me and the boys lost three games in a row. However, we picked up from there and now have eight straight wins. That's why the boys are feeling energetic and spirited” says Solomon.

He further added that the days win was credited to his boys for keeping a positive attitude.

" Some players are back from injury, it's good to see them pick up and do the work and help us do the rest. There are a few things we need to work on but otherwise kudos to the boys coming up with a draw."

Next weekend, in round 12, the Wigmen will take on the Gulf Isou at the Santos National Football Stadium.

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