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Harlequins thumped Juggernauts to retain title

The Credit Corporation Harlequins have defeated the LCR Juggernauts with a 21-10 victory to claim the Open Women’s 2023 Pepsi Capital Rugby Union Cup at Santos National Football Stadium in Port Moresby on Saturday, 19th of August, 2023.

The reigning Premiers, Harlequins were the first team to score after 15 minutes in the contest. The conversion was slotted successfully, leaving the scores at 7-0.

The score-line did not deter Juggernauts, as they responded with a brilliant try through a set play.

The conversion kicker failed to add the extras. A few minutes later before half-time, Juggernauts

scored again. The conversion was unsuccessful, leaving the half-time scores at 10-7.

In the second half, Harlequins regained the momentum and ascendancy of the game. They scored 3 unanswered tries and blew Juggernauts off the park with a 21-10 triumph. It was a one-sided affair in the second stanza.

Juggernauts had a seasoned campaigner in Joanne Lagona and a few other representative players, but the young Harlequins’ outfit gave the experienced Juggernauts a run for their money and sealed off the deal with a dominant performance.

Harlequins have made history by becoming the first team in the Pepsi Capital Rugby Union Open

Women’s Division to snatch back-to-back titles. The jesters of Bava Park are now the Queens of Bava Park.

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