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Haraga FC improve performance

Updated: Apr 27

The Haraga FC defeated the Rigo Eagles FC with a 1-0 win in the Pool C match on Sunday, March 4, 2024, at Bisini Football Field.


It was a strong fight between the teams, but it all went in favor of Haraga with George Korei managing to run through the opposing defender and perfectly take the shot that hit the back of the net.


Coach Adolf Horris was pleased with the team and stated that the boys' performance was excellent.


“The boys played really well,” he said.


Coach Horris mentioned that this performance was better than the past two weekends.


“We are taking one game at a time, so hopefully next week, we will deliver a good performance against whichever team we play,” he said.


Coach Horris also acknowledged that there were still areas where the boys needed to improve.


“We have some young players in the team who need to step up and perform,” he said


He noted that during the week, the boys didn't take the training sessions seriously, possibly because they were playing pre-season games.


Mr. Horris emphasized that training was crucial for the players to review the basics.


"The boys need training to enhance their basic football skills,” Horris explained.


The Horris-coached side was excited about the win and looked forward to further improvement in their games on the coming fourth weekend of the pre-season.


"I am proud of our boys who gave it their all today. A big thanks to the senior players like Paul Komboi, Nathan Vincent, Nasa Wangu, Ken Gule, and Tua Haro (Goalkeeper) who led the team to execute the game plans flawlessly,” he said.

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