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Gurias scored three tries in eight minutes.

It was a great double header yesterday for Round 5 of the Digicel Cup. The ENB Agmark Gurias took on the Gas Resource Central Dabaris at the Santos National Football Stadium. It kept the NFS crowd entertained. The Gurias had a dominating and incredible first half while the Dabaris claimed the second half.

10 minutes into the game, Gurias Center William Tirang scored a hat-trick masterminded by Nathan Tente. Tente gave a backflip pass that confused the defending team, opening a gap for Tirang to score, however the conversion was unsuccessful. Twenty minutes into the game and Dabaris Skipper Mathew Wauwe touched down a defence breaking try, bringing the score to a tie of 4,4.

Only eight minutes before halftime, Gurias Alex Max scored a try by cutting through the left wing. The conversion was successful, bringing the score to 10-4. Two minutes later, Gurias Nickson Waki scored after a penalty and quick play bringing the score to 16-4. Before the screaming Gurias fans could take their seats, fullback Juias Guan cut into the Center and scored after picking up a loose ball from the Dabaris. This ends the first half with Gurias leading at 22 and Dabaris trailing at 4.

The Dabaris came back swinging in the second half, desperately trying to catch up with the Gurias. Dabaris' Gairo Kapana scored during the second play by diving on the left wing. With a successful conversion, Dabaris scored 10-22. In response to the try, Gurias added another try, bringing the score for Gurias to 26-10.

A hopeful and anxious crowd watched as the teams clashed. Twenty minutes remained on the clock and Lega Batia of the Dabaris scored a hat trick try. This sent fans screaming and chanting Gabu (meaning home, village in Motu). Wala Samoa of the Dabaris closed by scoring another try to bring the full-time score to Dabaris 22 and Gurias 26.

Gurias Coach Francis Ray commented on his team’s highlights.

“Although it was a close game, today's game wasn't what we expected. We were lucky to score in the first half so we came out winners today.”

He commended his boys for their performance, especially Guria's captain and man of the match Daniel Pai.

“The captain performed really well. He is a big prop and led the boys to victory. Also, the full back, Guan, played marvellously today, even scoring a try."

Next week the Gurias will take on Gulf Isou, while the Dabaris will take on the Kroton Hela Wigmen. This will be in Port Moresby at the National Santos Football Stadium.

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