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Good turnout in AFL Pre-season

Updated: Apr 27

The pre-season of the Port Moresby Australian Football League (POM AFL) competition, held at the iconic Colts Oval on Saturday, April 6th, 2024, got off to a great start. 


Many clubs showed up for the event, and the participation was excellent. POM AFL Association’s President, Douglas Lai, said this indicated that the clubs were prepared for the season proper.


"We had a really good turnout for this one-day pre-season, which shows that all the teams are preparing and ready for the proper season next weekend,” President Lai said.


“So, I am sure we will not have problems starting the proper season.”


President Lai mentioned that this preseason saw them run the lightning 12-a-side format for each team with 10 minutes of two-quarters.


"The whole idea is to get the players fit. That's why we played the shorter version of the game," said Lai.


This one-day event saw 10 teams who participated put on competitive and entertaining shows.


"After this preseason, we will start our proper season next week," he said.


Lai also acknowledged the continuous support of Moni Plus in sponsoring the annual POM AFL competition.


"We are very fortunate to have Moni Plus backing us up again for another year. The POM AFL competition has been successful because of that support,” he expressed.

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