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Go Rural to Go Global concludes its three- week Youth Basketball Camp

Updated: Apr 27

The ‘Go Rural to Go Global’ Program has concluded its three-week Youth Basketball Camp, which started on Saturday, January 29th and ended on Saturday, February 24th, at Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium in Port Moresby.

Through the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF), the Go Rural to Go Global concept was launched last year (2023) in Hula, Abau District, Central Province.

Since Go Rural to Go Global was piloted recently, PNGSF wants to run the program in the urban centers first and later roll it over to the rural settings. The program will run concurrently, serving both the kids from the urban areas and in the rural places.

The facilitator of Youth Basketball Camp, Lawrence Lahari, expressed satisfaction towards the program and the impact it had on the kids in NCD.

“Today (Saturday, February 24th) was the last session of what we’ve been doing for the last two Saturdays. We try to incorporate more in play in it,” Lahari said.

“Half the session was recapping on the basic skills we’ve been teaching the kids for the last two Saturdays and today was a cumulation of all those skills, getting them into a little bit of game play.

“We have new kids come in and register, which is a good sign. I think in terms of age groups, under-10 was our biggest group – over 60 U10 kids have registered.

“The U13s and U14s were around 50, and the U15s were around 50 as well. Just under 200 kids we had for the last session. So, that ends our three-week Youth Basketball Camp.

“Now that we’ve got the database over the course of three Saturdays, we’ve had just under 1,000 kids who have participated on the three Saturday-sessions. We’ll now break the groups up into more beginners, intermediate and do the basketball nursery during the Easter long-weekend.”

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