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G -Natives' Hope Crushed!

Updated: Apr 27

The Gerehu Natives were left heartbroken by the superior Black Orchids, crushing their hopes of winning the 2024 NiuPower Sports Tok 7s championship title.


The G-Natives were optimistic about winning the 7th NiuPower Sports Tok 7s as they faced off against the Orchids in the grand final at Sir John Guise Stadium. However, their dreams were shattered by the Black Orchids, who defeated them 22-7.


Having previously clinched the 2023 Rookie 7s, their first-ever championship title, the Natives had the potential to win but were thwarted by the boys from Buka. As runners-up, the Gerehu boys congratulated the Buka boys who claimed the coveted cup.


The G-Natives' loss may have been influenced by the absence of their Most Valuable Player, Blake Mindipi. However, coach Paul Gule stated that the boys had underestimated the Orchids.


"They were too relaxed when they came in. Once the Orchids took the lead, they maintained a good pace, making it challenging for the boys to catch up."


Coach Gule noted that his team picked up the pace in the second half of the game, but by then, they had already lost stamina and gave up quickly.


Gule acknowledged that the team collectively failed to defend and that their game discipline was unacceptable.


Despite this, Gule mentioned that they have identified their weaknesses and will focus on improving before returning in 2025 or participating in other upcoming tournaments.


He thanked the boys for their excellent performance over the Easter Weekend and extended his appreciation to all the supporters who had been involved in backing them throughout the tournament.

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