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Flames edge out Amesii in a nail-biter

The KSS Flames have pulled off a gutsy 84-82 victory over the CIVPAC Amesii in the 2023 Premier

Men’s Basketball League (PMBL) Grand Final held at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium on 13 September, 2023.

The game started on a quick pace, which saw the Flames go firing on all cylinders in the first quarter, taking a comfortable 35-18 lead over the Amesii. The Flames maintained their momentum in the second quarter, extending the lead to 52-31 at halftime. It was a one-way traffic contest in the first two quarters.

However, Amesii talked things over in the sheds, regrouped, and went back firing after the break. They quickly picked up the momentum in the third quarter, scoring unanswered points to reduce the deficit. Through repeated court territory and counter-attack, they reduced the scores to 71-58 at the end of the third quarter.

While the Flames lost their ascendency in the third quarter, the Amesii found their mojo and maintained their rhythm to the final quarter. It was a neck-and-neck affair in the fourth quarter. Amesii gave the Flames a run for their money, especially in the final quarter.

The CIVPAC-sponsored Amesii made a late herculean effort to stun the KSS-sponsored outfit, but time was not on their side. Amesii tried to equalize the scores and end the match on a cliffhanger, but Flames held their resolve, defeating the courageous Amesii with an 84-82 win.

The speed of the game was intense and physical from the first quarter to the final quarter. The players rose to the occasion and entertained the crowd, leaving the fans on the edge of their seats in a grandstand finish.

Flames coach, Moi Muri was happy for the win but said his team’s complacency in the third and fourth quarters nearly made them pay the price.

“They came very strong in the last quarter, where we did silly things. We did not defend well so they took advantage of that and came back, but I thank the boys for playing with extra energy to seal the deal,” coach Muri said.

Meanwhile, the PMBL Grand Final will be a 3-game series, which is similar to the State of Origin series. Flames will meet Amesii in their second clash this Wednesday (September 20th). If the Flames win the second game, they will be crowned the 2023 PMBL Champions. However, if the Amesii win, the series will head to a decider.

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