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Feminine edged out Hekari in a thrilling clash

The AS Academy Feminine of New Caledonia have pulled off a gutsy 2-1 victory over the Hekari United FC in the second match of the inaugural Oceania Football Confederation Women’s Champions League at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium yesterday afternoon (1st of June, 2023).

The visitors scored the first goal through Ronaldine Hnaune in the opening two minutes of the contest. The goal took the host nation off-guard.

Hekari did not shy away from the goal, as they tried to counter-attack and equalize the score, but Feminine held their resolve and defended the line relentlessly.

Both sides were going up against each other in the first half and headed into the sheds for a breather, leaving the score-line 1-0.

In the second half, the momentum swung in Hekari’s favor. The red army dominated ball possession and field position, but they cannot penetrate through Feminine’s impregnable defence.

After couple of attempts and with continuous field territory, Hekari got a penalty in the penalty box area. Marie Kaipu (captain) slotted the free kick in the 80th minute and equalized the scores at 1-1.

The arm-wrestle continued until the regulation time ended. Extra five minutes was added. AS Academy scored in the extra time and stole the show, leaving the full-time scores 2-1.

The game had everything. The passing skills and ball playing prowess of the players was nothing short of spectacular to watch. Hekari and Feminine will be the two teams to watch in the tournament.

The match was an edge of the seat stuff. Both sides rose to the occasion and gave the fans a mouthwatering contest. It was a nail-biting thriller.

In their next fixtures, Hekari United FC will meet Kiwi FC on Saturday, while AS Academy Feminine will go head-to-head against the red-hot Labasa FC on Monday.

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