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Digicel Cup Round 5 Results Ladder Update

Digicel ExxonMobil Round 5 was concluded over the weekend and the teams are now looking forward to round 6 in their respective pools. Before the 2023 season, the twelve Digicel Cup teams were divided into Pools A and B.

In Pool A, Bintangor Goroka Lahanis took on the Wamp NGA Mt Hagen Eagles. The full-time score stood at Lahanis 32, Eagles 10.

The EPG Enga Mioks beat WNBPG Kimbe Cutters 30-18 in the match.

Lae Snax Tigers faced PRK Mendi Muruks. Lae Snax Tigers won 12-10

In Pool B, EMK Sepik Pride and Gulf Isou clashed. Isou won 16-14

In the second match, Kronton Hela Wigmen took on the Moni-plus NCDC Port Moresby Vipers. The Wigmen won 22-20.

In the last match, Gas Resource Central Dabaris took on ENB Agmark Gurias. Gurias won 26-20.

Round 5 was an exciting round of semi-professional footy where teams fought for the top spot on the ladder. The results saw EPG Enga Mioks take the lead with 10 points in Pool A with 63 points differentials from the 2nd team on the field. They are closely followed by Lae Snax Tigers with 10 points and 48 points differentials. PRK Mendi Muruks have settled in third place with 8 points and 54 points differentials.

In Pool B, Moni Plus NCD Port Moresby Vipers sit at the top of the ladder with 6 points and 42 points differential while ENB Agmark Gurias is in the 2nd spot with 6 points and 10 points differential while Gas Resources Central Dabaris is on the third position with 6 points and 4 points differentials.

All teams have shown remarkable strength in the tournament. However, Mioks have broken away from the pack and lead Pool A. The same is true in Pool B with Vipers. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their lead in the next round.

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