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Day One of the National Women’s Championship ended successfully

Day One of the 2023 National Women’s Championship ended on a high note at the Santos National Football on Wednesday (August 23rd). The four regional teams have displayed competitive games at PNG’s state-of-the-art stadium.

A good number of fans have turned up, especially the family members of the players who went to throw their support and root for the four participating teams.

In the first match, Southern defeated Northern with a 12-8 victory in a closely contested game. Then in the second match, Highlands came from behind and edged out New Guinea Islands with a 20-12 win.

There were some flashes of brilliance produced by a couple of players on the pitch. The two games were entertaining to watch.

The best players from this tournament will be selected to the National Squad (Santos PNG Orchids) who will take part in the upcoming Pacific Championship, which will be held from October to November this year.

Given the number of raw talents and untapped potential these players possess, the selectors will

have a headache trying to select the cream of the crop to represent PNG Women’s Team later this


It is going to be an interesting two weeks of the tournament, where PNG women will showcase their rugby league skills on full display. The players will have a three-day rest and resume Day Two of the tournament on Sunday (August 27th) at Santos National Football.

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