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Cricket PNG Announce Contract Players

Photo Credit: Cricket PNG

Cricket Papua New Guinea (CPNG) chairman, Michael Harrison, announced the contracted players for both the national men's and women's teams, the Barramundis and Lewas, during a media conference at the Amini Cricket Park on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

The conference featured significant individuals such as Cricket PNG CEO, Richard Done, ICC EAP Development Manager, Rob Gomm, and Kumul Petroleum’s Executive General Manager External Affairs, Mr. Luke K. Liria.

The full list of contracted players for the Kumul Petroleum PNG Barramundis is as follows: Assadollah Vala, Charles Jordan Amini, Norman Vanua, Tony Ura, Alei Nao, Hiri Hiri, Kabua Vagi Morea, Kipling Doriga, Lega Siaka, Sese Bau, Chad Soper, Gaudi Toka, Hila Vare, Jack Gardner, John Kariko, Nosina Pokana, Riley Hekure, and Sema Kamea. Development contract players include Michael Charlie and Patrick Nou.

The full list of contracted players for the Kumul Petroleum PNG Lewas includes: Brenda Tau, Sibona Jimmy, Tanya Ruma, Kaia Arua, Naoani Vare, Pauke Siaka, Vicky Ara'a, Buruka Vicky, Emma Hauro, Geua Tom, Hane Tau, Henao Thomas, Initia Vagi, Isabel Toua, Kevau Frank, and Melanie Ani. The team also welcomes three development contract players: Dika Lohia, Erani Pokana, and Mahuta Jayphert.

With the teams in place, PNG Cricket is eagerly anticipating the upcoming events. CEO Mr. Done states that Cricket PNG is positive about the preparations. The coaching and training support from Queensland Cricket is a boost for CPNG to execute its plans.

“Our plan is to confirm a tour in February, followed by the T20 SMASH in March-April, and a tour in early May, leading up to the World Cup in June,” he added.

The Barras will appear for the second time in the prestigious International Cricket Council Twenty20 (ICC T-20) Men’s World Cup in 2024, which will be held in the West Indies and the United States of America (USA). Barras debuted in the World Cup in 2021.

The PNG Barras are a force to be reckoned with as they remain the ICC Men's T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific (EAP) Qualifier Champions after winning all six matches in the tournament. The EAP champions are hungry to prove their international supremacy in the World Cup challenge.

Cricket PNG has a strong partnership with Queensland Cricket and looks forward to formalizing more to provide opportunities for players to gain exposure at the higher level.

Kumul Petroleum Holding has also been very supportive in providing financial stability for Cricket PNG.

Executive GM External Affairs for Kumul Petroleum, Mr. Luke K. Liria, stated that the company has been supporting Cricket PNG over the past two years.

“We have invested K2.5 million, and under the MOU with cricket, the payment is made on a basis. Whenever the funding is needed within that limit, we send the money out to cricket and oversee the running of the events and tours,” said Mr. Liria.

"Our job is to work alongside them and make sure assist financially so that their plans don't fall behind. We want them to continue to do well.

"For a sporting code like this that is performing well, we want them to continue to excel and for the players to carry themselves well on and off the field."

Cricket PNG (CPNG) had a successful run with the sponsorship of Kumul Petroleum. While preparing for the upcoming events, CPNG is positive they will succeed. They are currently engaged in intense training, gearing up for their lead-up tournaments into the World Cup in June.

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