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Corporate Cricket an Opportunity for Professional Networking

The Corporate Cricket Competition is perceived to be an opportunity for participating employees within the respective companies or organizations to interact and build professional networks among themselves.

“The Corporate Indoor Cricket is mainly for the staffs, their spouses and their dependents who are in school and not married”, explained President Dean Ani during an interview with Sports Tok Magazine on Saturday at Amini Park, POM.

According to the Corporate Cricket Competition President Dean Ani said that there are some positive results that have come out from this Corporate Cricket Competition in relation to job opportunities for the participants.

More so, apart from the normal working days, during game days such as on Saturdays and Sundays it gave a chance for the working people to interact more and as well as for employees to get to know more about their staffs and vice versa within the different companies and organizations that they are working in.

Meanwhile, President Ani said there are a lot of potentials seen in the indoor cricket competitions and he is looking to extend it out into outdoor cricket and see how it goes from there.

“As they are playing indoor, we can see some good talents both in the girls and boys”, said President Ani.

“The way some of the boys and girls hitting the ball in there, it’ll be great to see them hitting the ball in the outdoor and see how far it they will go. It’ be quite interesting. As much as possible we are trying to introduce them to some of POM Cricket Clubs”, he added.

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