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Cooperate Badminton gears up for the Finals.

Moni-plus Port Moresby Royal Match 2023 of the Cooperate Badminton Challenge are heading into the finals. The top four teams will compete for first place on Saturday, 1st July at Sir John Guise Stadium.

The Cooperate challenge has seven teams that have competed for three weeks. The teams are KPMG PNG, RH Sports Club, Arc Innovations Limited, The Wok Restaurant, Soare Point, 8Finity Engineering and Mixed Travel Agency. Each team is made up of ten badminton enthusiasts in four different categories.

The four teams that would head into the finals according to Vice President of the Pinoy Pom Shuttlers Club, Benny Mendoza are Soare Point, Rh Sports Club, Wok restaurant and Arc Innovations Limited while the other teams trail behind.

The top teams would receive prize money plus medals and trophies as prizes.

“The winner will get the first-place prize of K3000 and trophies, second prize will be K2000 plus trophies, and third prize will be K1000 and medals," says Mendoza.

Photo Credit: Pinoy Pom Shuttlers Club

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