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Coaching Program for five different sporting codes successfully ended on a good note

The Australian Defence Force, through the Australian High Commission in PNG, working in

partnership with PacificAus Sports, Team Up and PNGDF have run a Coaching Program in Port

Moresby, which started on Monday. The Australian Government has funded this program.

The aim of introducing this coaching session was to teach the coaches and referees the basics of

coaching and refereeing, and how they would improve their respective roles in delivering effective

and standard coaching and refereeing.

The coaches and referees from the five different sporting codes who have participated in the

coaching program were Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Football League, Basketball and


Rugby league, AFL, basketball and netball had one session each on Monday and the program was

rolled over to Lae on Tuesday, while rugby union continued its sessions in POM.

Professional educators from the five mentioned sports were engaged to facilitate and run the

program in collaboration with various sports federations in PNG. The program has also been run in a few countries within the Oceania Region.

The educators of the five codes were happy and excited to come and run the program in PNG,

especially in Port Moresby and Lae. Most of them have traveled to PNG for the first time and they

have truly enjoyed interacting and talking with the participants. They have also enjoyed the

hospitality and friendliness shown to them.

One of the spokespersons and lead educator of rugby union, Chris Miles said he was very excited

and happy to facilitate and run the program alongside his counterparts and colleagues.

“I am happy to be here. It was my first time to travel to PNG and I love it. The coaches and referees have been very engaging. It was easy to communicate and talk to the participants. The sessions went well,” educator Miles stated.

The educators of other codes have also echoed similar sentiments. They have enjoyed their time by facilitating the coaching program and interacting with the participants. The thing that they were

most satisfied with was the positive feedback they received from the participants.

Those who have attended the coaching sessions have received a certificate each and ended the one-week coaching program on a high and successful note at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

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