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Coaches and players undergo technical training

Capital Rugby Union (CRU) management conducted a one (1) Rugby Clinic Session at Bava Park which started on Thursday 4th and ended on Tuesday 9th May, 2023. The six-day event aimed at teaching coaches and players about training strategies, player training and development to improve rugby union's technical aspect.

The session was hosted by former Wallaby & Super XV Championship winner Paddy Ryan and Aussie 7s, Brumbies & QLD Reds player Aidan Toua.

In the sessions, Ryan focused on the forwards while Toua assisted the backs with core skills training.

As a former forward, Ryan said those were his main areas of focus.

“I’m just hoping to improve the quality of the ruck, line-up, scrum, defence, and more", said Ryan.

In Thursday's session, he shared some of his knowledge and experience through visual demonstrations. There were only a few coaches and players present to watch the demonstration.

“I think it’s a really helpful idea from the CRU to bring somebody over to give the coaches a few new ideas to work on in their coaching. This will try to level up the game and make the competition better”, said Ryan.

“Today was just about showing some creative kinds of draws and a few things I do or learn in my rugby career”, he added.

Meanwhile, CRU President Kori Chan said he wants change and a better game of rugby union. A way to get better is to acknowledge each other as a team and work together to improve.

“We want to see the game change. That’s why we put in the effort and time. It doesn't matter how many years of experience we have, we all have to improve,” said Chan.

He also said that he is really looking forward to seeing all the clubs rise in standards as there will be more rugby clinics in the future.

Photo Credit: Capital Rugby Union

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