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Chiefs to meet Crushers in Pre-season Grand Final

The Lihir Rugby Football League (LRFL) competition kicked off its pre-season playoffs a few weeks ago, with 14 teams competing on four weekends at Londolovit Oval in Lihir.

All the teams have showcased their talents during the playoffs. In the top 4 semi-final games over the long weekend, two teams bowed out while the Enzu Northern Chiefs 1 and the Putput Crushers made it to the decider.

The Chiefs 1 have maintained their dominance, while the Crushers fought hard from the bottom 8 to meet the table toppers for a pre-season grand final showdown on Saturday, June 22nd.

New clubs like the Eastern Rookies and the Dodges 14 have been very consistent and committed, displaying competitive spirit in the pre-season challenge, but falling short of making it into the biggest stage.

In addition, the LRFL will commence its 2024 season proper on June 29th and finish off the campaign by the end of September, based on the PNGRFL calendar.

The Lihir Rugby Football League season proper will be played under two categories: the A Grade & B Grade divisions until the season ends.

Meanwhile, all clubs are asked to pay for their players’ registration fees from the two divisions for insurance cover, as it is a vital fee that must be paid to the PNGRFL account.

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