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Central Dabaris: First-ever man-of-the-match for Batia

Lega Batia, center for Central Dabaris, was named man of the match in round 3. His team defeated the Kimbe Cutters 16 points to 10 on Sunday, 30th April, at Santos National Football Stadium.

It is the first time he has received this award since joining the squad from the Under 21

development squad last year.

Two outstanding tries justified selection, resulting in club victory. The two tries were also his

first of the season.

In the last minute of halftime, he scored his first try, and in the second half, he scored his

second try.

The 22-year-old rising star is from Efogi village, Koiari, Central Province. He is the son of a

legend, PNG Kumuls’ center Obert Batia.

“I am following in my fathers footsteps;, Lega said.

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