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Cellar-dwellers slowly improving

Gereka Bombers Coach Danny Meli (wearing the hat) and team representatives after their victory against the University Tigers at Colts Oval, Port Moresby.

The Gereka Bombers have had a couple of tough seasons previously, but they have improved and

surprised everyone this season.

Bombers were the wooden spooners of the Port Moresby Australian Football League (POM AFL)

competition in previous seasons, remaining at the bottom of the competition.

The team often got thumped by top teams. They have struggled to play and fight competitively, which had a negative impact on their overall performance.

Sitting at the lowest position, they got frustrated and lost hope, causing the A-Grade team to fall and the players sometimes did not have the energy and enthusiasm to compete in the games.

“When the players lost hope, only a few boys turned up to play in the A-Reserve games but in A-Grade, they gave up,” Gereka Bombers coach, Danny Meli said.

However, they have improved big time this season. The Bombers have suddenly found their mojo at the start of the season and maintained it all throughout the year.

The red-and-black army has made strides to turn their season around. They have put in the hard work and sweat to come out from the bottom of the ladder.

Bombers have truly made their presence felt with a remarkable improvement. Meli said their recent success was a testament to the extra time and commitment the players have put into their training and adherence to the instructions given. Above all else, the players have prioritized discipline.

Under the guidance and mentorship of coach Mel, the Bombers have grown and developed their

performance to greater heights. Danny coached the West Eagles side for three years and brought a wealth of experience to the club (Bombers). With his vast coaching experience, he tried to change the tide around. He has done a fantastic job to improve the performance of the team.

“We see that the week-in, week-out performances for the Gereka Bombers were poor. They do not have good coaches to guide and steer them.

“With my brother, Club President, Alois Meli, and other assistants, we worked together to mold and build the boys.

“Currently, our A-Grade team is in the peak of heading into the finals. If we made it to the Grand Final, it would be a bonus for us," Coach Meli stated.

“Extra time, commitment, dedication, and coaching are required to mold the players. They are a bunch of talented men but they just need someone to lead them,” he added.

He further said getting little things right in the field also contributes to their significant improvement as players and as a team in all.

“If I saw errors on the field, I used to emphasize strongly and tell the boys to minimize errors,” said Mr. Meli.

“We have received words of appreciation from the supporters and parents about our mentorship,

guidance, and the discipline that we have imparted to the boys,” Meli said.

He also touched on the non-competitiveness of the A-Reserve Grade, including the Women’s Division as well. Despite making improvements, they have a lot of work to do.

“Our A-Reserve Grade is not performing well in this competition, as well as our women’s division and we are working on developing them. We hope to see them improve their performance next year and look forward to seeing a good outcome,” he said.

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