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Cassowaries battle for supremacy

The PNG Cassowaries will participate in the Oceania Rugby Women’s Championship competing

for supremacy that will be held at Bond University, Gold Coast, from 26th May to 4th June


The Cassowaries (PNG) is one of the other three Oceania nations that will be participating in

these 10 days championships.

The challenge between the teams; Cassowaries (PNG), Fijiana XV (Fiji), Manusina XV (Samoa),

and Fuifuilupe (Tonga) will determine the top two teams in the world rugby women’s series.

The first place will be in WXV Tier 2 and the second in WXV Tier 3.

The competition also serves as a platform to select women for the Oceania Women’s Combine

(OWC), which will be celebrated in August. Potential players will be selected from OWC to

participate in Australia’s Super W teams on a PacificAus Sport scholarship.

The premier women’s event will be proudly hosted by Gold Coast City Council and Bond

University with PacificAus Sport.

It is a significant event because the top two winners will qualify to play in the upcoming global

women’s rugby WXV competition.

The four teams will play three rounds each; points will then be added to determine the highest

two finishers.

Photo Credit: Oceania Rugby

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