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Brothers stunned Harlequins to seek redemption

The Kramer Ausenco Brothers have smashed the Credit Corporation Harlequins with a 26-13 victory to snatch the 2023 Pepsi Capital Rugby Union Cup at Santos National Football Stadium in Port Moresby on Saturday (19th of August).

In their grand final encounter last season, Harlequins beat Brothers and walked away with the title. Having a score to settle, the Brothers came on a mission this season and took revenge on Harlequins to reclaim the title in the decider.

Harlequins were playing with high intensity in the first half, scoring 2 tries but failing to nail the two conversions successfully. Brothers took their chances and slotted 3 penalty conversions and trailed behind Harlequins on 1-point. Harlequins took a 10-9 lead over Brothers at half-time.

While Harlequins have used up their energy in the first half, the Brothers started to regain momentum and spark their rhythm in the second half. Brothers’ huge forward pack outmuscled Harlequins in the middle.

Brothers held their composure and used their experience to control the game. The tactics Brothers orchestrated in the second half frustrated Harlequins. The men in black played mind games and defeated the reigning premiers psychologically and mentally.

The Kramer Ausenco-sponsored franchise capitalized on Harlequins’ ill-discipline and made them pay the price. Brothers dominated everything in the second stanza and blew Harlequins off the park with a dominant performance.

Just when Harlequins thought they would clinch back-to-back premiership glory, the undefeated Brothers used their wealth of experience and stunned the reigning premiers to seek redemption.

The Joe Kautu-coached side has made a whitewash in the competition, winning every game from the regular season rounds all the way to the big dance.

This is the second time Brothers have had an undefeated run and swept the competition. The last

time they stayed undefeated all throughout the season was in 2019. They repeated the 2019 feat in 2023.

The Kramer Ausenco Brothers are truly a benchmark team in the country, as far as Rugby Union is concerned. They keep on making their presence felt every year. Take a bow, Brothers!

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