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Bomana Inmates to Participate in Governor's Cup

Updated: Apr 29

The inmates at Bomana Prison Camp in Port Moresby will have the opportunity to participate in the 2023 NCD Governor's Cup tournament for the first time. The event will take place within the vicinity of the camp.

Tournament Organizer Mr. Billy Aki, when launching the Governor's Cup at Bomana on Friday, December 1st, 2023, stated that since its establishment in 2017, the only people who had the opportunity to participate in such events were those outside the fence and not the inmates.

Therefore, as a former inmate, he wanted the prisoners to experience events like free-people and remember that they are not forgotten.

Aki, who was once an inmate and has since been released, realized the need for sports while in prison. As a result, he decided to give back to the prisoners through this competition.

He also encouraged the inmates to think positively, regardless of their convictions and what they have done.

"God corrects people. When I said 'God is good' and you replied 'All the time', that's meant God should be our refuge. Once as a prisoner, I invited God into my life and I saw God's miracles happening through my journey," said Aki .

"I have God in my life, and that's why I returned with such opportunities. It is not only my strength and knowledge, but through God that I am able to bring in some of these things to benefit you."

Mr. Aki had also involved some of the former inmates from Gerehu, Hohola, and Morata to help and support him in running the Governor's Cup in Port Moresby city.

Bomana Prison's Chief Superintendent Yelly Oiufa expressed gratitude towards Mr. Aki for his visits and contributions, especially in creating opportunities for the inmates to take part in the Governor’s Cup.

"I thank you, Billy, for coming here once again. Since you left this prison, you have visited us several times. This shows that you will never forget us.

"On behalf of the inmates, managers, and officers, I would like to thank the National Capital District, through the office of the Governor," Oiufa said.

Oiufa also mentioned that the tournament would further strengthen unity among the prisoners and residents of Bomana.

"We live here as a family. It doesn't mean they (inmates) are in some locked-away place and they are forgotten, but we work together with them.

"We are also prisoners here, spending much of our time with them," he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Superintendent Oiufa asked Mr. Aki to also consider the female inmates and organize a separate tournament for them.

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