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Binatangs fare strongly in U14 tourney

The Binatangs Under 14 Squad travelled to the Sunshine Coast on Sunday 17th September 2023, to participate in the 2023 Australian Football League (AFL) Queensland Under 14 Talent Academy Carnival.

The Binatangs’ last participation in the tournament was in 2018. After a five-year hiatus, they re-entered the tourney this year, making a strong statement and bowing out gracefully on Thursday (September 27th).

The promising PNG AFL prospects returned to the country on Friday, September 28th. The boys had a good time in the tournament – competing hard, making friendships, touring places, and experiencing the beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

The event was a Development Carnival so no scores were recorded or filmed. The participating teams sort of played the games for fun and entertainment purposes in showcasing their talents, and instilling respect and discipline, among other positive attributes.

Binatangs female Head Coach, Prudence Sindriwen said she was really proud of the boys and how well they have performed in the last few days of the tourney.

“The boys were good, they played very well. Even though a couple of them had injuries, they put on the straps and finished the game. I am really proud of them and we look forward to next year,” coach Sindriwen said.

Meanwhile, this U-14 Binatangs squad will turn 15 years old next year, so they will be taking part in the Under 16 AFL Talent Academy Carnival next year.

AFL is slowly growing in the country to rival other big-name sporting codes like Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, and Basketball, to name a few.

If such Development Pathways are run effectively, cohesively, and transparently, AFL in PNG could reach greater heights and create avenues for the upcoming AFL players to expose and market their raw talents.

Photo Credit: AFL Papua New Guinea

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