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Anitua, first time host for Trukai Fun Run on Lihir Island

Anitua Limited will be a proud host for Trukai Fun Run 2023 for the first time on Lihir Island. The event will take place next week Sunday, 20th April, in partnership with Trukai Industry.

Other local business houses and community groups have also come onboard in supporting the event through the purchase of t-shirts.

These include Petro Oil, Lihir Athletics, Nationwide Scaffolding Services (NSS), Lihir Civil Construction (LCC), Anitua Retail, Lihir Auto Services, Monadelphous, Lihir Police and Anitua Protective Services (APS).

Anitua is a local landowner company in Lihir and is appreciative of the support shown because the fundraisings will go towards Kavieng General Hospital and Team PNG.

"Anitua Ltd is grateful for the support shown by these local businesses as well as the sports association, as the funds raised will go towards supporting two worthy causes, " said Event Lead, Nancy Gah.

"We are fundraising to support the Kavieng General Hospital's cancer screening clinic, as well as Team PNG to attend this year's Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands," Gah said.

"The positive response from these companies is a testament of their values to help local people in the area in which they conduct business,” she said.

Other companies that have supported the Lihir event include Kina Bank, NasFund and PNG Air.

In the meantime, Anitua Ltd has sold more than half of its stock over three weeks.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm to participate in the Trukai Fun hence the mad rush from the public to purchase t-shirts. It's exciting to see people already wearing the TFR shirts in town and even in the villages, we've visited in the past week. We are anticipating at least a thousand participants at the event on Sunday. With two weeks to go, we encourage the wider public to purchase a shirt before the limited stock we have run out," said Gah.

Photo Credit: Anitua Limited

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