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Amesii Men’s & Women’s teams clinched Titles

The Amesii Men’s and Women’s teams have made history by winning two Championships for their club in the 2023 EMK Basketball Association at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Center in Port Moresby yesterday night (June 13 th , 2023).

In the Women’s Grand Final match, Amesii defeated Same Speed in a highly entertaining contest.

Same Speed led the game in the first two quarters. However, Amesii picked up the momentum and overtook Same Speed in the third quarter. Amesii maintained their ascendancy in the fourth quarter and beat Same Speed with a 41-29 victory to claim the Women’s Title.

The Men’s Grand Final showdown between Amesii and Tribe’s Coffee, saw Amesii edged out the

newcomers in a heart-stopping clash of the titans. Amesii were dominant throughout the game.

Amesii maintained their lead from the first quarter to the final quarter and defeated Tribe’s Coffee

with a 50-39 scoreline to snatch the Men’s Title.

Both victors have had a wonderful season. They have been sitting on top of the ladder in their

respective divisions for the entire season. They have indeed been very dominant and unstoppable

throughout the competition. Both teams deserved the championship trophies, given their consistent and strong performances in the 2023 EMK Basketball Competition.

The elated Amesii’s coach and EMK Basketball Association President, David Peter was really

impressed with the performances of the two teams. He praised and credited the players for their

outstanding performances.

“The only thing you ask for every team is to go through grand final and then winning the grand final is a bonus. Our team has done a bonus for us by winning both grand finals for the men’s and women’s divisions. We are excited about the outcome of our two teams,” coach Peter stated.

The Amesii women’s team will have a very long break, while the men’s team will continue their fight against the premier men’s teams in the Port Moresby Basketball League (PMBL) competition. Round six of the PMBL competition kicks off tonight at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium.

Photo Credit: Wepio Media Agency

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