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Adrine Monagi aims to bring Change for Pacific Athletes.

PNG’s sprinting sensation, Adrian Monagi, is aiming to bring change and have the voices of the ‘Pacific Athletes’ be heard in her campaign to join the Oceania Athletics Association (OAA). The OAA is the governing body for the sport of athletics in the Oceania Region.

Monagi stressed on the importance of capacity building and partnership with New Zealand and Australia to bring the necessary changes for the athletes in the Oceania Region.

“I am passionate about the Pacific Islands and our athletes - Melanesians, Polynesians and Micronesians - face a lot of challenges that our regional developed countries, such as Australia and New Zealand don’t face,” she stated.

“There is a need for our athletes and their federations to work together on building the sport in the region to meet the standards of our sports athletics.

“Countries such as PNG and Fiji are the two big countries in the Pacific that produce a good number of athletes.

“However, for other smaller island nations, it is a struggle in terms of their selection policies, their passion to be in the sport and other factors, such as nutrition and consistent performances.

“Our athletes can match Australia and New Zealand in working collaboratively. We can achieve greater performance if only we have the capacity to work alongside these countries.

“Camaraderie with the Australians and the New Zealanders is an integral part of the progression of our athletes in the Pacific Region.”

Athletes who are selected for the 2024 Oceania Championship in Fiji are the ones eligible to vote for who they think will represent their voices and contribute their perspectives for the athletes of the Pacific Region to the Oceania Athletics Association.

Photo credit: Ocenia Athletic - Casey Sims

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