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A New Dawn for WNB Cricket Association

Updated: Apr 29

The West New Britain Cricket Association (WNBCA) has begun their season with a fresh start after 4 years of being inactive as they kicked off their first trial match for the 2024 season on Saturday, January 6th, at Kimbe Secondary School Oval in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

According to the WNBCA Interim President Mr. Koani Seri, the last games that WNBCA took part in was during the 2017 PNG Games and was also preparing to participate in the Southern Cup in Milne Bay in 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID-19.

This year, following the re-establishment and nomination of new executives, WNBCA hosted a trial game over the weekend between two selected sides, Team White Angels and Team Yellows. Team Yellows emerged victorious with a total score of 73, while Team Angels fell just two points behind.

Interim President Mr. Seri, Regional Cricket Manager (RCM) Mr. Nathan Henry, and association committee members Romley Kauyola, Augere Waloloki, Paru, and women’s representatives Benedhine Nani arranged for the season to begin with a trial game between the two selected sides.

Team White Angels, captained by Romley Kauyola with Chris Henry as vice captain, won the toss and elected to field first. Team Yellows batted first in the 20-over game.

"Team Yellow was led by Nathan Henry (12) and Doniwell Wangipari (9), with a total score of 73. The best bowlers for Team White Angels were young and upcoming player Bjorn, who took 4 wickets in 3 overs with a best of 2/1, and Captain Romley Kauyola, who took 2 wickets in 1.1 overs with a best of 1/2," stated Andrew Henry, WNB Cricket Association Representative.

The White Angels attempted to surpass the score of 74 to win but fell short, with Team Yellows' strong fielding and bowling resulting in a score of 72 all out.

According to WNBCA Rep Andrew Henry, the top scorers for Team White Angels were Aloysius Nani (13) and Jimga Waloloki (11), while Nathan Henry was the best bowler for Team Yellows with 4 wickets in 3.3 overs and a best of 2/1. Donnelly Wangipari also performed well, taking 3 wickets in 3 overs with a best of 1/2.

With the appointment of new executives in place, they are now looking forward to hosting more games to select a team from West New Britain Province to represent the province such as in the upcoming Northern Cup in Madang Province.

"A game for selected players will be played sometime this week, allowing them to travel to Madang for the Northern Cup," said WNBCA Rep Andrew Henry.

"We have senior players and school cricket players in the selected teams to determine the best players to travel to Madang" .

"A big thank you to Regional Cricket Manager (RCM) Mr. Nathan Henry, Romley Kauyola, President Koani Seri, Mr. Peter Henry, Elizabeth Henry, Augere Waloloki, Philemon Harry, Benedhine Nani, Aloysius Nani, and others not mentioned for their tireless efforts in helping cricket in West New Britain," he added.

Meanwhile, the WNBCA President said that the re-establishment of the association is to revive cricket in the province and work towards Cricket PNG Competition Calendar for 2024.

Information & Photo Credit: WNBCA Rep Andrew Henry

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