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Hungarian-invented TEQBALL rolling in PNG

The Hungarian-invented TAQBALL is taking shape in Papua New Guinea since its establishment and recognition from PNG Olympic Committee in 2021, especially in Port Moresby and TAQ PNG which is the National Federation of Teqball for Papua New Guinea is trying to work with PNG Sports Foundation in getting Teqball rolling in Papua New Guinea.

“The sport is a bit of a combination-if you look at the equipment, you’ll see that the table is very similar to a table tennis table. Except its curve and we use a soccer ball or football to play. The body parts that we allow the ball to play with are similar to football or soccer so you can play the ball with your head, chest, legs, shoulders and your backs so there’s 5 different body parts that you can touch the ball with. Similar to volleyball, you have three touches before you send it back over to the other side. You can play similar to Tennis-you can play singles or doubles and that includes mix doubles (men & women partnering together to play),” explained Andrew Lepani from Teq PNG.

With the efforts to expose Teqball to Papua New Guineans, it has seen Teq PNG getting school children from Port Moresby International School (POMIS) competing in a fun Teqball session at the Sports Foundation Indoor Complex at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Friday in the Venue Management School Holiday Program when caught up with them.

“We are here taking part in the Venue Management school holiday program. Teqball is one of the couple of sports that we are running activities for children. It’s a great program. Also, it’s important to keep kids, especially during their holidays fit and so we are happy to be part of the Venue Management teams school holiday program,” said Andrew Lepani.

“POMIS is probably the most active in terms of running regular Teqball classes as part of their PE program but we are interested in spreading the sport so there’s any other schools that are interested in being part of it can reach out to Teqball PNG. Otherwise, we are looking to run regular Teqball sessions here at the PNG Sports Foundation Indoor Complex at the Sir John Guise Stadium,” stated Lepani.

Teqball is a new sport and its open to all age groups. At the moment, there is no registration so interested individual can reach out to them through their email address on their Facebook page at ‘Teq PNG-Teqball Papua New Guinea’.

“We are still trying to grow the sport so any interested individual is welcomed to come and take part if they are interested. We are looking to run a National Championships competition later in the year and then we’ll have some registrations attached to that tournament for interested players”, he said.

“There are also international competitions that do take place in and around the world,” he added.

Teqball is good for those soccer fanatics as it involves football skills.

Photo Credit: Teq PNG - Teqball Papua New Guinea

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