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Manubada Volleyball Association aims to professionalize the sport

By Joel PURI                    SportsTok Magazine | Issue #87   


Manubada Volleyball Association is a platform initiated and sponsored by PNG DATACO to help create opportunities for the youths in a way to address the high number of unemployment rates and high illiteracy rates in the society to minimize petty crimes and illegal activities.
The association has come up with plans to professionalize the sport through the aid of the platinum sponsor PNG DATACO and other subsidiary SMEs and individual sponsors as well to create a conducive society for everyone to live and enjoy.
The association begin its inaugural season amidst Covd-19 in July at the Taurama Aquatic Indoor Center (TAIC) but was transferred to Gereka community playground after the lock down of the TAIC facilities due to the pandemic.
Most regular matches of the season were played at Gereka in August and September where one of the six teams of the association is located at, under terms of agreement and later moved the finals to the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex Stadium after realizing that, the venue was free.
Those six teams are from Port Moresby South and Hiri District in Central province particularly from Gereka, Kirakira, Vabukori, Fishermen Island and Tubusere.
The ultimate purpose of the association is to professionalize the sport like; PNG National Rugby League, Cricket PNG and National Soccer League where players get paid for playing.
There are many unemployed opportunists and illiterate youths hanging lose in the society and causing much havoc which needs attention to be addressed and this is an opportunity for the young folks to come out to display their talents and explore themselves.


President of Manubada Volleyball Association Kidu Gore Morea spoke to Sports Tok Magazine expounding and identifying barriers to the wellbeing of an unemployed and illiterate individual’s livelihood and assures that sports can be a game changer in the society.
It may sound crazy and unthinkable to professionalize the sport by paying the players but it’s more than just a volleyball association with the help of PNG DATACO coming through to ease the burden.
There are several programs underway which will contribute to the development of professionalizing Manubada Volley Association socially, economically and spiritually.
Kidu Gore Morea said, they will start somewhere by paying the boys slowly with maybe K10 per game or K20 per game as soon as the funds are up and that will depend on the financial strength.
“Besides, the platinum sponsor has given us a semi-employment opportunity where the association is responsible for cutting grasses and cleaning up the company’s Earth Station area at Gerehu to raise funds, so we engage each clubs at certain times,” he said.  
He said, they also want to do literacy programs to address a lot of literacy issues that some of the boy’s face every day.
“Most of them are talented players but they don’t understand English which is not our mother tongue and they couldn’t read and comprehend to fill in simple forms so we encourage them and teach them to read, understand and write,” he said.
In the process of improving the livelihoods of the unemployment and illiteracy aspects, it is naturally right to be spiritually fit and spiritual programs are also encouraged to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Therefore, introducing faith to them will help them to understand the spiritual side of their life, so that they have the spiritual aspect of their life settled together with their economic aspects in terms of semi-employment or maybe a little forms of payment at least to address some of their economic needs that they might have.
With that, they will have another program as soon as they get more funds in so that they will sponsor two individuals at a time from each clubs and introduce them to micro businesses.
“The identified micro-enterprise that we want to do is to sell fuel drums to sustain the boys with their living,” he said.
Other educational enhancement programs are stimulated as well and he thanked the ITI for the sponsorship last year where they had three boys attended the scholarship programs worth K3800 each.
“We encourage young people to pursue their education endeavors so they can become independent in the society after all,” he said.
They want to be more than a sporting institution and looking forward to hopefully being a professional association where they begin to pay and look after their staff and also contribute to addressing the unemployment factors within the society and that is why the association is created to help the boys achieve something in life.
He said, most of the time they don’t administer the sport in a way that the players can benefit after some time, but they just come to play and go without anything and he don’t want that to happen to the players.
They have introduced the Foundation Account, which is like the superannuation fund or retirement benefit fund for the players who represent Manubada Volley Association for five consecutive years at the National Championship or other representative games.
They have started it by announcing Foundation Account for a greatest volleyball player the Late Ravu Mauru who passed on so the little bit of cash contributed by the association to settle the player will benefit the family.
Manubada is interested in meeting those who are passionate in volleyball but also matching that with reality in life.
“Because you don’t want to kill yourself in playing and going home with a sweaty shirt and a hungry stomach but what we want to do is to go a bit further than that so that people can say it’s worth playing volleyball,” he added.

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