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Refereeing is call

By Joel PURI      |      SportsTok Magazine | Issue #96, AUGUST 2021


Most young people at the age of 20 are at their prime to deliver the best in whatever sporting codes they embark on and they don’t ever seem to take up the roles of being an official or referee.However, one among the many have decided to take up the refereeing call at the age of 20 to join the queue of referees nine years ago.David Yareboinen 29 years of age now is from a mixed parentage of; father Milne Bay and mother East Sepik is the 5th born in a family of six in which all are married except for him.He has been basically living in Port Moresby and haven’t been to the village much.David joined the PNGFA Referees nine years ago when he was only 20 years old then and paved his way to be recognized as a FIFA referee.“It’s a long story back in 2012 when the senior instructors from PNGFA saw the potential I had, when I voluntarily helped the referees in officiating the games, hence, they asked me to join them then,” David recalled.He then, accepted the offer and underwent training in which they saw the potential he had, so they guided him to further undertake an elite course without any basic course up in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

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It was then in Goroka when FIFA Officials came and facilitated the courses in which he passed all the required courses so they pushed him into FIFA in 2013 as an assistant referee and linesman.“I was then elevated to be a referee after four years of being an assistant referee, and got my FIFA badge referee in 2017 which is almost five years now,” David said.He further said that, because PNGFA invested a lot in him, he decided to give back to PNGFA by helping out in the referee courses and officiating the games and being loyal to PNGFA.As the FIFA Referee, he was asked to give his comments about the level of competition at the National Soccer League and this is what he said.“Our level of game is still low, that’s why we are not going into the qualifying World Cup Tournaments,” he said.That is a heads up for the coaches and referees now to work hard and teach the players with high performance skills and techniques to match the international standards by observing the game rules sensibly.PNG can be seen at the world cup, for the potential is there, but the need to  develop these potentials are also there so obviously the game standard is low, comparing to New Zealand and Australia.“We need to work together to bring the national team to match other international countries with high quality standards,” David added.For the referees, he said, “we have referees who have been to world cups and I am the recent one and we also have developing ones in the Oceania Football Confederation, but our players need to work hard to raise our flag in the outskirts,” he said.At the OFC region, David have officiated many grand finals already in Under 19 World Cup qualifier in Tahiti 2019, Semi Final Champions League New Caledonia and to name a few.But the highlight of his career was the Poland World Cup in 2019 where he went as a reserve referee and the last appointment was the 2019 FISU University World Cup Football in China 2019, which he actually officiated the quarter finals.David embraced the Poland World Cup and China FISU University World Cup Football as the highlights of his career.“It was a good experience which I felt that I could come back and help my own kind to reach to that level as we have the potential indeed.I would be more than happy to see some of ours excelling through the ranks after instilling them with the required knowledge that I have gained during my time and know that I have passed on the knowledge,” he said.David added that, the opportunity and the pathway is there, but we need to make commitments towards the game and discipline ourselves as discipline is the key driver to the next level.Being a referee is not just a role to officiate the game, but it also plays a bigger role to change the perspective of the players in which they see the game.In a society where most young people want to make a name for themselves in sports only limits the chance of youths embarking on a referee career, but they forget that they will enjoy their show on a fair playing field only when officiated by a referee, hence youths should try out on refereeing as well.

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