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A dream come true for Daniel Hamadi

By Joel PURI                   SportsTok Magazine | Issue #95, JULY 2021

It has always been a dream for a young man from “Lido Ples” in Vanimo, West Sepik Province who is passionate about soccer and wishes to display his football skills at the national football level one day.  
The 24 year old Daniel Hamadi from a mix parentage of Jayapura, West Papua (Mother) and (Father) Vanimo, West Sepik Province have been really committed in football ever since he dropped out of Vanimo Secondary school in 2014 has finally received the long awaited call of his life in football.
He thought his life was at the verge and his future was at stake when he failed his education career, but it was the education system that kicked him out of the way and forcing him to be an outcast in the society.
However, thanks to football for saving one such great young man from depression and anxiety after dropping out from school.
“Challenges seem to be mounting and barricades to my success, but God always has a plan for each and every one of us in which he opened my doors in soccer and I am very much grateful,” said Daniel Hamadi.
Daniel started playing soccer back in his primary school days and the interest grew bigger when he had the chance to play at the school carnivals representing Vanimo primary school back then.
The lad then never had a chance to play at the Vanimo Local Competition since primary school until he started high school at Vanimo Secondary School.
While being an high scholar, Daniel managed to compete at the Vanimo Local Competition and got the experience of a league.
That really motivated him to train accurately in improving his skills overtime.


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Daniel then went to Jayapura in 2014 after dropping out of school and played at the amateur clubs to maintain his fitness in preparation to the local competition in Vanimo.“I then returned to Vanimo with little chances of getting a job, but I believed in my soccer skills so I committed myself at the Vanimo local competition year in year out just to keep myself busy and hopping for a miraculous chance in football,” he said.Determination has paved his way then with a call to join the Madang FC in the 2015-2016 NSL campaign.“I was too young during that time and I wasn’t that confident to play at the NSL level which only limited my chances of playing matches so I played only one match,” he said.Since NSL is a step up football competition in the country right now which requires well off players to compete at that level.Knowing that he was not given a second chance, he thought it was all over for him at the NSL and returned home to Vanimo, but no one could take away the passion he had for football that drove him to continue playing at the Vanimo local soccer competition for fitness sake.  “Soccer is another part of my life or a hobby that I continue to uphold even in trying times,” he said.Uncertainty crept into his mind through all kinds of influences from his friends, but he never gave up football at any one time and continued to embark at the Vanimo Local Competition with his team, Dali Dogs.The young lethal striker is able to run from both right and left flanks to ensure his side takes home the match they are up to.He was playing at the Vanimo local competition since 2016 up until Hekari United FC called him to join the team for the 2021 NSL campaign.  “I have received the biggest call ever in my life from the Hekari United FC,” Daniel exclaimed.The flanker’s inclusion in the Hekari FC does not only add value to the team, but also motivated and gave hope to a lot of raw talents back in Vanimo to commit themselves in football by giving their best in training.Daniel mentioned that, it’s a breakthrough for Vanimo Soccer Association after 17 years of negligence, but credit to the good leadership of PNGFA President John Kapi Natto for finally reviving soccer in Vanimo.Daniel’s call to join Hekari FC was an eye opener for VSA and a lot of aspiring raw talents who are now training harder and committed to making their ways into any NSL teams also.The lad said, joining the big name team and being around the big names of football in PNG is really inspiring.“It’s a dream come true and I thank God for making this possible so that I can once again play at the highest level of football league in the country with a prestigious football club like Hekari United FC.Daniel Hamadi is a hard working individual with his simple motto: ‘never give up in life.’ The road to success isn’t that easy as it costs a lot of hard work and perseverance at all levels.If one door in life closes, knock on the other door and never give up until you say it’s over.“Failing in education does not mean that is the end of you irrespective of your back ground, continue to work hard on your aim, never give up and anything can happen either in education, sports or working career.The calling of Daniel Hamadi to join the Hekari United FC for the season 2021 is a dream come true for the lad and a head-start for the member association to pull up their socks.

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