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Piggies reclaim 2022 Aduni Cup

University Piggies have more reasons to celebrate as they reclaimed the Aduni Cup 2022 with a 10 to 6 victory over the Kramer Ausenco Brothers over the long Easter weekend at Bava Park.

It was the clash of the titans between the two long rivals, as both teams have a long history of playing footy against each other and battling it out for the pride of the Aduni Cup, in the Capital Rugby Union (CRU) since 2017.

On Easter Saturday, both teams started off strong with tight defense and strong attack, but it was the Brothers who opened the score line with a six point lead thanks to two penalty goals by Eugene Tokuvai before Winger Japeth Bejigi cross over to score for the Piggies to trail 5 to 6 at half time.

The 2nd half was the battle of strength as the brothers tries to bulldoze their way through the Piggies with their forwards but the Piggies was a match for their attack. Brothers had numerous opportunities to secure their lead but did not utilized them with missed penalty goals and dread less defense.

It was the hunger and persistence of the Piggies that drove them over to victory minutes with a Norman Peter try just minutes before the hooter sounded. It has been a year waiting for the Uni Piggies since they last won in 2020.

By Ricky ISRAEL         SportsTok Magazine | Online



John Pangkatana of the University Piggie’s said, “It’s been a build up for a year and to have this win is a win for Head Coach Paul Joseph and for the new players who have made their way through the ranks. Having this win over the Brothers who have been dominating the union scene for years is such a special feeling. it was an awesome displayed of performance by our young forward pack in likes of David, Rookie Rua and Baro who have really set up and showed us what they are made up”, Said Pangkatana.

It was a disappointment for Brothers Head Coach Joe Kautu, but have congratulated the University Piggies for their Victory.

“It was a good turn out, we came to win but the Piggies were hungrier than us and they got away with the win.”

“We still got to work on few things that we need to fix before going  into round two. It is better to lose now than later to know where we stand.

“We got a good challenge and now we know where the team stands and we have to work on our strengths and weakness. We going to work a bit on our forwards and more on our defence. We will definitely come back in round two.”

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