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Franchises owner impressed with results

By Ning Black Mazur               SportsTok MAgazine | Issue #86


The Toti Lae City FC and Lae Snax Tigers franchises owner Ian Chow is impressed with the teams for making it into the grand final series of the season 2020 at the two elite competitions in the country respectively.
Hard work always pays off at the end of everything where effort is given to achieve a certain goal. The franchises owner is really pleased with the teams knowing that the sponsorship isn’t in vain but producing result at the end is what is pleasing.
“I’m very excited with the result, a lot of people don’t see it but the players sacrifice and sweat a lot to get where they are today and I’ve said many times before without sweat and pain you will not go anyway, he said.
To complement the sacrifice and hard work put through is to be disciplined and discipline is very important in anything, business or sports and without it you will just go backwards.

180620Kroton Hela Wigman pix.jpg

“Thus, I believe we are much disciplined based and discipline is the advantage where Lae Snax Tigers and Lae City FC have over all the other teams in the two competitions,” he said.
I think Lae City FC lost a plot in the last two years because discipline has gone out of the door and that is the reason why I had to change the coach, unfortunately it resulted in a player walker but in the end we came back better,” Chow added.
He said, Lae City didn’t perform so well in round one mainly because they have been going backwards already in their discipline and it wasn’t monitored by the management or coach so they had a total change of the coach and the management staff to help Lae City produce results.
Chow alluded that, PNG Soccer is still evolving and it’s good to see John Kapi Natto has taken over with the new blood in soccer so that we will go into the new direction for the better.
Lae Snax Tigers and Lae City FC are running for the grand finals is something what the franchises owner wants to see as a sponsor after investing much in the teams.

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