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Former SP Hunters Joins Gurias

By Ricky ISRAEL  | Sports Tok Magazine Online

Agmark Rabaul Gurias Management have confirmed that former SP Hunters Winger Garry Lo will join the Gurias side for the 2022 Season in the Digicel Cup competition. Lo is one of them senior league player in the country. If one can count on experience in league, Lo is one of them as he played some of the elite league competitions both in Papua New Guinea and overseas. He was one of the first Digicel cup players among others who were selected to the SP Hunters Program when Hunters was first introduced into Queensland Cup competition in 2014.


After years abroad playing for the Sheffield Club in 2015 and in 2017 played with the Castleford Tigers, he ended his Super League Career with an impressive 78 tries of 72 games. Fast forward to 2020, Lo signed a year contract with a France team where he played league there, he then travelled back to PNG at the end of the competition. Last year, 2021, he was supposed to sign by a Rugby Union Team of Australia called Goondiwindi Boars but couldn’t leave the country due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide.


The 28 year old from Western Highlands remained in the country last year and joint the Waghi Tumbe side for the 2021 season but he couldn’t play because he refused to get the Corona Virus vaccine. Since he was not vaccinated, he couldn’t take part in the Digicel Cup competition so he spent the whole year at his home province in Mt Hagen. After a year at home, Lo finally got a call up by the Gurias Management after he got vaccinated earlier this year.


“I really wanted to play so I had no choice but to get the vaccine,” Lo told this Magazine from Gurias camp in Kokopo. Now I am really excited to be part of the Digicel Cup club again after missing out on rugby league for a year. He said his training sessions with the rest of the Gurias went but his body couldn’t cope up with the intensity of the sessions as it has been 13 months he haven’t been through such intense training.


“I will take one day at a time during my training session and keep myself balance in all sessions of the training,” he said. “I am struggling a bit but I am positive that I will get there at the end of the pre-season training and I will be ready during the game day.”


Despite the ethnicity and environment, I am focused on what I am here for and that is to give the best the club that saw my potential in rugby league, the Western Highlander said. But for now, he wishes to give his best to the Gurias side this season and at least be the best team in the competition at win the Digicel Cup and place it safe where it belong.


“I am here to join hands with the rest of the Gurias players and restore the pride of Gurias and win back the cup,” Lo said. He said he mingling well with the players as some of the senior players in the club in the likes of Joe Bruno and Tupi Lepan are his old teams in 2014 Hunters era. Lo said he was thankful to the new coach Francis Ray who will be his mentor this season.

 “I have so much respect for Coach Ray because he was man who taught me how to play rugby league and guided me through my career in league. “He is my role model and I am delighted to play under his command,” Lo said.

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